Veterinarian Services With Tender, Loving Care 

Welcome to Chester Animal Hospital -- the home of veterinarian services with tender, loving care. Our slogan, "We CARE For Your Pets," is far more than a slogan to us.  Chester Animal Hospital treats your pets the way we would want you to treat our own pets (and we have lots of them.)   Whether it's a dog with a toothache or a cat needing an X-ray, we're here to help you and your pet.  We have the experience, the equipment, the facilities, the products and services -- and the caring attitude -- you and your pets want and need.

Chester Animal Hospital

1616 State Street

Chester, IL 62233




Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5pm

Saturday (by appointment only): 7:30am - 12pm



Everything from surgery to pharmacy and dental care.   We have a wide range of medications on-site for your immediate pick-up.   They range from medications for allergies to heart and blood pressure ailments to digestive problems and urinary tract and kidney infections.  We also carry a wide variety of prescription dog and cat food.

From heartworm preventatives to flea and tick products to eye and ear cleansers, from brand names to generics are always available for purchase, for your price point.  Call the office or stop in to see if we have your pet's medications available at a cost savings to you when you decide to purchase locally!

We encourage you to bring your pet to our office where we have a broad range of equipment and technology to diagnose and treat illnesses.  We recognize sometimes that's not possible for you, so we're happy to make house calls when required.  This becomes especially important when your pet requires Hospice and Euthanasia services.