Veterinary Services You Can Rely On To Keep Your Pet Healthy

Chester Animal Hospital offers complete medical and dental services, radiology, wellness care and pain management, along with microchipping and nutritional counseling, hospice and euthanasia services and a broad range of prescription pharmaceutical medications and other pet products.

Dog neutering and cat spaying are frequent operations at Chester Animal Hospital.

You can rely on Chester Animal Hospital to take care of your pet with the most professional and effective:

  • SURGERY: We provide surgery ranging from simple neutering of dogs and spaying of cats to complex operations for serious problems in pets.
  • X-RAYS: X-ray technology helps evaluate pets' cardiopulmonary, gastrointestinal, muscular-skeletal, urinary and reproductive systems.
  • DENTAL CARE: We take care of your dog or cat's teeth with services ranging from ultrasound cleaning to polishing to extractions.
  • PAIN MANAGEMENT: Fractures, back or spinal problems and lacerations can cause your pet pain. We can ease that pain.
  • NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING: We can help you keep your pet happy and healthy with nutritional counseling for the right diet.
  • MICROCHIP IMPLANTATION: Losing a pet is a traumatic experience for the whole family. We implant microchips to help you get them back.
  • WELLNESS CARE: You love your pet or you wouldn't be bringing it to a vet. We offer a great program to help you head off medical problems for your pet.
  • HOSPICE AND EUTHANASIA SERVICES: We provide the caring, compassionate and dignified services you want for your pet when the time comes.